Data – Secret sauce for enterprise AI transformation

For any enterprise AI transformation journey, the first question which needs to be asked is “Is your organisation transforming into a butterfly or is it training to be the faster caterpillar”. Many organisations follows the faster caterpillar route, thinking of short term wins. Any business that deploys AI needs a large volume of relevant, well-organized data.

In any AI transformation journey, data literacy is the core business skill. For this talk, I plan to walk thru the journey we had in kick-starting a AI transformation journey for a world’s leading consultancy company. During this talk, I will be sharing the best practices around strategic data acquisition, unified data warehouses, data labelling strategy, what to expect out of a data cleanup strategy. As we understand the overall data literacy, I will also provide a path towards fuelling AI transformation journey using the data literacy, explaining thru analysis, predictions and automations.

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