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Sathyan Sethumadhavan [ AI/ML Strategist | AI/ML/IOT Practitioner | Engineering Manager]

As an AI/ML Strategist | Thought Leader, I specialize in creating an enterprise ecosystem needed to operationalize AI/ML, which includes process, tools, people and engineering. My continuous research subjects include enterprise AI strategy and transformation, AIOps, Data Mesh, Data Fabrics, MLOps, ML Engineering, ModelOps, CI/CD for data pipelines and machine learning. Holds breadth of experience on AI orchestration engines, streaming and batch data ingestion techniques, CDC based data strategy, on-prem data science platforms, analytics platform using open source toolsets, large scale object storage platforms, model serving platforms, model governance, model explainability and related programming languages.

With close to 2 decades of technical and operational expertise, I pair my expertise with enterprise architects, AI product managers, data engineers, data scientists, ML engineers and product operations to strategize, build and deploy machine learning platforms for a scalable workload.

Twitter: @sathyansethu 

Rajeev Sethumadhavan
Solution Architect – VDI at Anunta Tech Inc.

12+ Years of experience in IT with good experience in End User Computing (VDI, DaaS, Mobility), Virtualisation, Storage, Networking & Cloud Computing.

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