Migrate data with ACL & share permissions – Robocopy

Robocopy is an effective tool copying data between servers, which is useful during FS and any disk level migrations. I’ve used it in mostly all my migrations where i can’t utilise storage level replication or copy. Below syntax would help and would be a good start

robocopy “<<sourcepath>>” “<<destinationpath>>” /V /S /E /COPY:DATSO /PURGE /MIR /Z /R:5 /W:5 /LOG+:”e:\logs.txt”

You can find detailed description of the syntax in the below link


After the copy is done, the critical part is the share information. There’s an easy way to do it

Export the registry from the below path, copy it to the new server and change the path as needed.


If you’re moving data within the server or drive letter changes in the destination server, you can simply go to the share’s string path and update the path.

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