EMC Clariion – navicli_Trespass LUN

navicli is a useful tool to do all tasks in storage from command line. I mostly use it to find the LUN’s trespassed and trespass back it to its default owner.

navicli can be downloaded from Powerlink. Below are its usage to find & trespass LUN’s

Navigate to the navicli installed directory

  • d:\>navicli -help  displays help of the command line

– Below command will show the LUN’s trespassed from this storage processor

  • d:\>navicli -h <sp-a IP> getlun -trespass
Default Owner:              SP A
Current owner:              SP B

Default Owner:              SP A
Current owner:              SP B

– In the above output, LUN 2 & 6 are currently owned by SP-A. However its default owner is SP-B.

– Below command will trespass the LUN’s to its Default owner

  • d:\>navicli -h <sp-b IP> trespass mine

– This will trespass all the LUN’s owned by SP-B to SP-B.

– Run the same command in SP-A to trespass all its LUN back to it.

– Single LUN can be trespassed by the below command,

  • d:\>navicli -h <sp IP> trespass <LUN ID>