Possible Connection Broker – Cross Roads load balancer

  • Crossroads Loadbalancer can possibly be used as a basic connection broker for Virtual desktop Infrastructure.   Thanks to Karel Kubat(author of crossroads) for his Wonderful support and customization he did which enabled to use this load balancer as Connection Broker.
  • You can check the updates and download Crossroads from http://crossroads.e-tunity.com/ and the forum where you can post queries at http://xrforum.org/
  • Here is the snap of basic XML config to use it as connection broker for VDI,

  •  I’ve used Ubuntu Desktop OS to run this.
  • There are certain blocks system, service, server and backends.
  • Under SERVER config we configure XR to listen in port 3389(RDP) and also configure the webinterface port.
  • There are different types of algortihm availbale and is explained in detail in the docs. I use lax-stored-ip, this would associate the backend for the mentioned time(in secs) in the config.
  • we can also configure the wakeup and checkup intervals for the backend and defind the backends finally.
  • Looks simple, just need to configure as per our requirement. I got it running successful in my environment ;).
Hope this helps!