Behavior Driven Testing Using Cucumber

Behavior Driven Testing for Continuous Deployment

Overall in this speech, I will be detailing the key patterns to build a test assembly unit to support continuous deployment using agile testing process, specifications by examples, specification test …

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Specifications(with examples) – Test Automation Pyramid

“Specifications (with examples) – Test Automation Pyramid” is a set of process patterns and tests pyramid that helps teams to evolve and maintain specifications for an enterprise product. For enterprise …

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Specifications for Enterprise Testing

The book of “Specification by Example” explains the key process patterns for agile requirements and testing. In this presentation, I have picked up the key patterns to suit the enterprise …

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Mindmap for Performance Testing

Mindmap for performance testing. Guideline tree to help creating materials for agile performance testing workshops and trainings. Okie…Next JMeter mindmap  

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SOAP UI – Output Request To Local File System

Template driven framework in SOAPUI helps us to parameterize the user data, based on the business scenario. For example, Creating request in the above fashion, helps us the follow common …

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Discovery Driven Approach

Gestures – Discovery Driven Approach

Enabling or writing new software for mobile phones, or portable devices has become a new vertical in software development and testing. Smart phones are getting more user-friendly and day-to-day, new …

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Agile China 2010 - Distributed Agile For Enterprises

Distributed Agile For Enterprises

Distributed agile development for enterprise application is always a key challenge for the IT industry. When companies try to practice distributed agile, questions arises around different implementation areas such as, …

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SISE (Service-Integration-Sytem-EndToEnd) Approach

Service Testing for Enterprise Applications

Introduction Business shower of today is such that IT organizations wish to evolve their IT solutions over time, as well as avoid costly integration and re-engineering efforts. SOA enables this …

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Mobile Testing - Focus Areas

Mobile Testing – Key Focus Areas

Mobile testing View more presentations from satnair  

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10 Step Test Automation Approach – Guide for test automation

Abstract Business Needs Software Testing has found its place in the software industry, with more and more organizations understanding the crucial role that it plays in quallity software production. As business requirements …

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