Enterprise Datascience workbench

Enterprise Data Science Workbench with Marketplace — Ecosystem to Democratize AI

“A centralized workbench and marketplace, the opportunity that exists for enterprises to create a multi-tenant organisation wide ecosystem”

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Commercial ML Toolkit

Commercial Machine Learning Toolkit – To Power Digital Business

For commercial success of machine learning models, it is important to understand that the commercial applications require the highest degree of functionality and reliability. The success metric is mostly binary, …

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Workplace self-service revolution is centered on customer experience

The belief that most organizations start their self-service journey with is; deploying huge enterprise systems will work because employees will log into systems to have their requests served. Interestingly, a Forbes article quoted industry analysts on …

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Beacons and geofencing: Real time enterprise asset tracking and self-service

Beacons and Geo-fencing – Part 1 Beacons and Geo-fencing – Part 2 We are living in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The World Economic Forum says the “the …

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Geo-fencing BLE beacons – Enterprise asset tracking

The happy workplace is always the home of the productive workplace, filled with a lot of talent around. Millennials being part of this productive workplace are transitioning from process-centric interface …

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