About the Authors

Sathyan SethuMadhavan
Agile Delivery Consultant/Coach

Sathyan Sethumadhavan leads the internal regional product teams, which is responsible to build products using IOT, AI and ML. He is focused on bringing in operational efficiency and optimization across different operational functions. He also manages the regional IT for India. Sathyan also has extensive experience in Agile consulting and transformation, enabling enterprises to move towards Agile. With his strong technical expertise, he specialized in building product engineering teams which balances innovation and product delivery. Overall in his 17+ years of experience, he was part of multiple distributed and global technical teams building solutions on variety of tech stacks, across US, UK, Latin America, China and APAC.

I write my experience at http://www.geekcubo.com/agileworld. LinkedIn Profile: https://goo.gl/RmofkB

Twitter: @geekcubo. 

Career Highlights:


  • @Thoughtworks, with my strong operational and technical experience, responsible for driving change required for overall operational efficiency
  • Trusted business partner to scale their business through the strategic use of technology, operations and processes
  • Build products using IOT, AI, ML for different operational function and thus showcasing major cost reduction
  • Stronger product/engineering management experience by building teams which balances time to market features and innovation
  • @Bluejeans, I was instrumental in building and managing the overall engineering team for “Primetime” product from concept to production
  • @Thoughtworks, have worked with global teams @Brazil, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, China and India
  • As an Agile process consultant, have assessed enterprises across the globe and helped transformation of enterprise project team to Agile delivery model
  • Strong Agile based delivery focus, adept at planning releases and have played IM/PM role for projects. Implemented customized agile project planning approaches and tracking,  to suit  teams

Conference Topics

  • Chatbots for enterprise: Top 7 ideas to build one – XCONF Bangalore 2018
  • “Specifications test assembly unit for Enterprise product testing” in World Conference on Next Gen Testing – Bangalore, India – July 2013
  • “Specifications – Test Automation Pyramid” in VodQA – Bangalore, India – September 2012
  • “Specifications For Enterprise Testing” in VodQA – NCR, Gurgaon, India – November 2011
  • “Distributed Agile for Enterprises” in Agile-China 2010, Beijing, China – October 2010.
  • “Complex Data Extraction Testing” in Step-Auto 2008, Bangalore, India – February 2008.
  • “SOA Testing – Validation Methodology and Testing Framework” in Step-In Summit 2008, Bangalore, India – January 2008
  • “SOA Testing – Validation Methodology and Testing Framework” in Step-Auto Colloquium on Test Automation 2007, Pune, India – November 2007
  • “10 steps approach to Test Automation Framework Development” in APAC Testing Conference, Singapore – February 2007



Rajeev SethuMadhavan
Solution Architect – VDI at Anunta Tech Inc.

12+ Years of experience in IT with good experience in End User Computing (VDI, DaaS, Mobility), Virtualisation, Storage, Networking & Cloud Computing.


Hariharan (Hari) Sairam

Database Administrator/Database Architect/Trainer

I have worked in various databases viz Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and currently working in SQL Server. I also possess expert knowledge in Performance Engineering concepts and have worked in tuning applications/databases. On top of databases, I also work on developing websites/applications using open source and Microsoft technologies. I always look forward for challenges and mind boggling issues, which will make me to learn/think/work more.

Areas of expertise

– Database design
– Architecting and administrating databases for any type of systems
– Tuning applications/databases
– Website/application development using PHP/.Net
– Windows/Linux servers
Now venturing into data warehouse on one end and project management on another end