Discovery Phase for Agile product teams

Product development best practices – The Agile way

Introduction Agile based product delivery is the buzz-word that every product organization wants to follow. The key reason being quicker turnaround on time-to-market. This includes feature roll-out, incorporating customer feedback …

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Behavior Driven Testing Using Cucumber

Behavior Driven Testing for Continuous Deployment

Overall in this speech, I will be detailing the key patterns to build a test assembly unit to support continuous deployment using agile testing process, specifications by examples, specification test …

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Specifications(with examples) – Test Automation Pyramid

“Specifications (with examples) – Test Automation Pyramid” is a set of process patterns and tests pyramid that helps teams to evolve and maintain specifications for an enterprise product. For enterprise …

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10 Step Test Automation Approach – Guide for test automation

Abstract Business Needs Software Testing has found its place in the software industry, with more and more organizations understanding the crucial role that it plays in quallity software production. As business requirements …

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